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HELP! It’s a long Shabbos!

Here are some tools to help you get through the first long Shabbos!

Friday Night:

  1. Start the day later than usual so that the second snack is closer to the evening time.
  2. Buy a big salad like a “Bagels and Greens” type that takes a while to eat and will carry you through the afternoon.
  3. Make a big pan of grilled veggies using spray and spices. Keep them on the counter for munching.
  4. Take anything that’s allowed Friday night earlier and deduct from the meal. For example: a piece of chicken or your soup.

Shabbos Afternoon:

  1. Yummy low calorie drinks like Crystal Light.
  2. Lots of sugar free gum and candies.
  3. Leave the house, even for a short time.
  4. Have lots of cut up veggies and fruits around to munch.
  5. Take a nap.