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Foods That Debloat

It’s the end of vacation for many and the texts are coming in:

“What should I do to detox?” “How can I cleanse?” “I feel like I need something extreme”

If you know me, you know I don’t believe in any of that or encourage it.

I get the temptation and desperation that comes along with having gained extra pounds in a short time but it is never worth these “fixes” which don’t work, are temporary at best, can slow down your metabolism and worst of all, cause you to gain even more weight than you were trying to lose in the first place! Soooo… what’s this picture all about? Nope, it’s not a “detox” nor is it a “cleanse”. Since I believe in adding versus taking away, try incorporating these foods to feel less bloated. They aren’t magic but will help with the bloated look and feel. Good luck settling back into real life and I hope everyone enjoyed their vacations! ?