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Chanukah Guidelines 101

  • Chanukah parties are at night, so there’s no reason to go off track during the day.
  • During the day, Eat regularly. 
  • Right before the party, Drink 2 full cups of water to stave off hunger.
  • Is the party milchigs? Pop a piece of turkey in your mouth before you go and you’re clear! 
  • If the party is late, consider eating dinner at home and have fruits and veggies at the party. 
  • If it’s a buffet, stick to the “one plate rule” where half your plate is filled with vegetables and the other half can be anything you want that’s on your plan.
  • If you’re being served, it’s okay not to eat every course. 
  • Stay busy! Hold a glass of diet soda or seltzer, chew gum, have a sucking candy, get up to distract yourself, talk to those around you, and help serve and clear.
  • Bring a salad or a healthy dessert, maybe even flavored teas to sip slowly and change the flavor in your mouth.
  • I tell my clients to create a “budget” BEFORE Chanukah starts so that they can have “controlled cheats.”
  • Allow yourself a donut!
  • Donuts do not replace snacks.
  • Blot the oil off your latkes with a paper towel and count it as a starch by that meal.
  • Don’t go to parties hungry!
  • Think about the different parties you will attend and pace yourself accordingly. 
  • Choose small portions of your favorite options at parties. 
  • Once you have eaten, throw out your plate and move away from the food.
  • Be the one who brings the veggie platter.

Remember, the goal over the holiday is just to stay the same. 

We don’t expect you to lose, just try not to gain.

Finally, a friendly reminder:

There are donuts available all year so don’t worry about missing out!