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Chanukah Guidelines 101

Tanya Says:

Chanukah parties are at night so during the day there is no reason not to be on track. 

During the day:

Eat regularly. 

Right before the party:

Drink 2 full cups of water. 

At the party:

  • Buffet- Stick to the “one plate rule”.
  • If you’re being served, it’s ok not to eat every course. 
  • Stay busy! So that you’ll be less likely to take something you shouldn’t. 
  • Bring a salad or a healthy dessert, maybe even flavored teas to sip slowly and change the flavor in your mouth.

Make a budget:

“Budget” BEFORE Chanukah starts so that you can have “controlled cheats”.

I usually say one donut and 3 latkes for the whole holiday.

Remember, the goal over the holiday is just to stay the same. 

We don’t expect you to lose, just try not to gain.

Finally, a friendly reminder: There are donuts available all year so don’t worry about missing out!

More Tips!

  • Allow yourself a donut!
  • Donuts do not replace snacks.
  • Blot the oil off the latkes and count it as a starch by that meal.
  • Don’t go to parties hungry!
  • Think about the different parties you will attend and pace yourself accordingly. 
  • Choose small portions of your favorite options. 
  • Once you have eaten, throw out your plate and move away from the food.
  • Be the one who brings the veggie platter.
  • Chanukah goodies are around all year, so don’t feel like you have to stuff your face just because it’s Chanukah. 
  • Treat yourself in moderation.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Don’t overeat but if you do, get right back on track!
  • Start eating a little later the day of the party so you don’t get there starving.
  • Have a free soup or salad before you go.
  • Ask the host what they’re serving and plan what you will have.
  • Save your fruits for the night so u can eat them after.