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Breaking up with my Apple Watch 

I always thought I didn’t want it on my wrist because I don’t want text and WhatsApp notifications while working out.

I was right.

Working out is my solace 

My peace 

My meditation

My tune-out

My private (or public) party 

But what happened next was interesting ….

I was getting numbers and data:

Calories I was burning 

My heart rate 


Things that simply don’t matter 

How is that possible for it not to matter?

Isn’t it important how many calories you burn?

Don’t you want to know?

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is…

When I first started working out (and up until a few years ago) I did it for the same reasons most people do; To burn calories, lose weight, tone up, and because I felt guilty not doing it. There is nothing wrong with these reasons but they’re just the “tip of the iceberg” (and only the vain iceberg).

And then… 

It hit me a few years ago that there’s so much more to it than just that!

I began to notice and embrace the NON body/scale benefits like:

• Good mood 

• More energy 

• Endorphins  (the post-workout high) 

• My strength 

• Better sleep 

• Easier recovery after C sections 

• Feeling younger

• Etc etc etc 


I viewed my workouts as a choice and a privilege versus a chore.

I began working out because I WANT to versus HAD to.

I loved all the benefits that had nothing to do with weight and numbers.

So when the Apple Watch started giving me numbers and data, I didn’t wanna know…

Would I think 300 calories were worth it but 250 weren’t?

Would I wish I did more jumps when I wanted to spend a few extra minutes stretching so that I burn more calories?

Do I even need all this data in my head (and on my wrist) when I have so much other stuff to think about?

So while I get the whole hype with it, I will continue to work out without knowing numbers or data.  Why? Because I honestly don’t care.

The only “data” I need is how exercise makes me feel, physically and mentally.

As the saying goes:

Mi she lo lishma ba lishma.

P.S: No, it’s not for sale because it was a special gift and I will find a good use for it, suggestions welcome 🙂