Before the fast:

  • Eat regularly throughout the day 
  • Drink lots of extra water throughout the day
  • Avoid salty foods such as sauerkraut, pickles, soy sauce, eggplant, cheese, and meat
  • Avoid spicing your food



You may have:

  • ONE extra serving of protein at dinner 
  • ONE extra serving of starch, such as an additional bread or one portion of rice or noodles, etc.
  • ONE extra fruit above your daily fruit total
  • If you are having two official pre-fast meals, the extras don’t apply to both; but rather to spread out between both meals or use at the second meal which is closer to the fast.


Good fruits to eat before a fast include: watermelon, grapes, and pineapple.

Coconut water has been found to be helpful before a fast but there is no need to overdo it. One cup is fine. 


Regarding washing for the meals: since it’s not Shabbos, it’s better to have whole wheat bread or matzah versus challah.


After the fast:

Ideally, start with drinking 2 cups of water (room temperature versus iced cold)


This is your budget, preferably in this order but you may also switch the order if you wish:

  • One complete approved meal from your weekday plan 
  • Up to 3 fruits
  • 1 snack
  • 1 treat if needed

Remember, you can NOT make up a whole day in a short time span.

If you wash and have a seuda, remember that it’s not Shabbos so no need for challah. Stick to whole wheat bread or matzah. 

Have an easy fast!