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The Nutrition by Tanya Guide to a Healthy Summer

We all look forward to the warm weather, sunny days, and summer fun. That can easily come with some obstacles, so take a moment to see that the glass is half full… both figuratively and literally.
Summer is a time where lots of drinking comes naturally along with less eating, the desire for lighter foods, and more fruits and vegetables.
Plus, we’re automatically more active and in better spirits when the sun is out and there are so many prospects of things to keep busy!
And for those with time to spare, I recommend completing things you’ve been putting off whether it’s as complex as reorganizing the shelves or as simple as writing a thank you card. This way you’ll keep busy and be productive.
And remember, we’re here for you! Call, text, email… whether it’s with questions or just for support. We have an Upstate and Deal office as well for the summer so feel free to schedule an appointment.

Have a healthy and TAPtastic summer!