A Healthy Payback

5% of all TAP purchases goes to support Jewish Education

A young woman, Tanya R., sits in front of the registrar in a prominent Yeshiva seeking to enroll her children. Her children are interviewed and tested and are readily accepted for the coming school year. Then the conversation turns to the subject of tuition. When the registrar mentions the tuition she would need to pay, Tanya seems confused. “I thought that in America, Yeshivos do not charge tuition.” He looks at her and says, “I can see from your appearance that you surely went to a Yeshiva. What do you mean by no tuition? Which Yeshiva did you go to that did not charge tuition?” “I went to Be’er Hagolah. My mother would never have paid tuition when public schools are free. Had they even asked her for tuition, my whole life would have been different. I would have gone to public school and would more than likely not be sitting here today enrolling my kids in Yeshiva.” The registrar was astounded to hear this, exclaiming how special and unusual it was that she wasn’t charged tuition all her school years at Be’er Hagolah. Of course Tanya agreed to pay the tuition which was asked of her

Accepting children with minimal or no tuition is not a rare occurrence at Be’er Hagolah. In order to ensure that children attend a Yeshiva rather than public school, Be’er Hagolah has a long standing policy of never turning away a child who comes from public school for financial reasons. Recently, Be’er Hagolah has stepped up their efforts to “empty the public schools of Jewish children.” They have launched a vigorous campaign, reaching out to parents of public school children, inviting them to come visit the Yeshiva to see for themselves the magnificent, state of the art building with its science labs, computer labs, gym and airy, well-lit classrooms.

Tanya has become a successful entrepreneur, having embarked on a creative and innovative business venture – Nutrition by Tanya – with branches throughout the tri-state area.

Tanya began her career by initially opening Shape Fitness, an all women’s fitness studio and then creating the popular Shape Fitness kosher workout DVD series. Her business now includes an array of services such as meeting with clients and creating customized food plans. Her latest venture is the TAP line of diet foods which includes delicious and healthy muffins and cookies.

Tanya has kept in close touch with Be’er Hagolah as many of their graduates do. Wanting to give back to the school that did so much for her, she offered to donate 5% of each sale that comes in from her TAP line of food.

It is a really a beautiful thing that the frum community can avail themselves of nutritious and delicious dietetic foods while at the same time, helping Be’er Hagolah continue its work.