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Tanya’s Tip of the Week: Pesach Edition: Leniencies

On Pesach, there is some flexibility and leniency in terms of dieting. Things that we normally say not to do, but you CAN do them if you need to over Pesach. Here are some examples of things you can be more lenient with during the chag:

  • Eat meat more than twice a week
  • Use your budget in any order
  • Use your treat every night needed
  • Carry over food
  • Eat salty foods
  • More eyeballing (not weighing food)
  • Less attention to ingredients in a product
  • Extra veggies and fruit
  • Having soup
  • Repeating snacks
  • Timing (when you eat)
  • Spacing (how much time you leave between meals)
  • Carrying over
  • Extra coffee
  • Extra sugar-free gum and candy
  • Logging only cheats versus all the food you eat
  • Cooking methods like sauces

Meaning if these are your worst “sins” then that’s amazing.