Throughout my entire childhood, I always thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I would practice litigation on my dolls and then later on with my friends. Healthy eating and exercise was not at all a part of my life growing up. I remember skipping breakfast, and eating carb only meals in huge amounts. I also hated to exercise and would get out of breath just walking up a flight of stairs.

I got married and gave birth to my first child while taking the LSAT's and applying to law schools. During that pregnancy, I gained 50 pounds!! It didn't really bother me until I went shopping with a friend who pointed out that I was an extra large! That's when it hit me and I decided to lose weight. I started eating healthy and exercising a bit, and took some classes here and there. I really liked the results and I continued to lose weight I never knew I even could lose!

I fell in love with working out and wanted to share my newfound passion with others and decided to become a personal trainer. At around the same time, I had to make a decision about which law school I would be attending. That's when I decided that I would go for nutrition instead. My parents were devastated, and most people thought I was crazy but I knew I was doing the right thing.

After graduating, I began working privately immediately, since working for others and having a boss was never my type. In 2008, I opened Shape Fitness, an all women's fitness studio. I realized that there was a need to bring tznius (modest) fitness to women to the privacy of their own homes. I, along with Abby Hessney also created the Shape fitness kosher workout DVD series which now boasts 3 DVDs (2 ladies' and one kids) which are all popular sellers.

At the same time, on the Nutrition side, I was dealing with an overload of clients and realized I needed help, because the waiting lists were too long, however , the thought of hiring someone was a daunting thought, this was my program, my baby, that I developed and tweaked over the years... How could I possibly teach it to someone? But I simply could not handle it all by myself anymore and it became too difficult. I decided that I would look for people with an awesome personality who truly cared about our clients and then, I would teach them the program. This is exactly how I continue to hire people, it's all about warmth and personality and then of course I teach them the program extensively.

I get asked what makes my program different. Why is it that the program works and my clients are successful and happy while dieting? The answer to that has two parts: One is practical and the second is personal. On a practical level, the plan works! I can confidently say that anyone who follows the plan achieves their goals. On a personal level, every client becomes a part of our big family. Each client gets all our cell phone numbers and knows that we can be reached anytime. We don't have "business hours" because people have questions at ALL hours. We know all our clients and we know them well. We get to know their life story, their struggles, their favorite foods, their challenges and victories...

It may seem impossible because we have so many clients but ask anyone who has experienced it, we really do know everyone and know them well! I can confidently say that we give our ALL to each and every client!

One more factor is that we do what no other nutritionist does. Aside from our endless support and availability, we try to think of everything... Any holiday, occasion, event etc, we cover both one on one, with tips, healthy recipes, and sometimes even workshops. We also customize each and every individual plan so that no matter the lifestyle or food preferences, it works! We also make it super easy to follow and then teach our clients how to keep the weight off once they reach their goal

I love knowing that we made it possible for so many clients to finally achieve their desired goals. A lot of people ask me if I practice what I preach and the answer is... Yes! I can go back to those "extra large" days very quickly if I let myself go and so, I work on myself every single day both with my eating choices and by working out at least 5 days a week. Any advice I have ever given a client is something I would do myself.

I look forward to meeting you personally one day and having you be part of our Nutrition by Tanya family! ?