TAP Digestive Aid Vitamins


You asked, we delivered! Feeling hungry, having low energy levels and experiencing digestive issues are the three issues we hear about most often. Because of that, we teamed up with Yaakov Mavashev RPH, a well known vitamin developer who has created products for major vitamin companies.

The three products, an appetite suppressant, an energy booster and a digestive aid, are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union and the New Square Kashrus Council.



Digestion aid:
Main ingredient: vegetable enzyme formula including acarbose and Ignore, B12 complex, paparin (a protein digesting enzyme derived from papaya)
Main purpose: promotes proper digestion for those with indigestion and bloating.
Additional benefit: supports the immune system

How does it do that?
– Aids in the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into usable nutrients encouraging proper nutrient absorption

Note: take within 30 minutes of a meal


Please consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any health conditions.