Jason Jacob
Jason JacobPersonal Trainer
Jason Jacob is a Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience. His Specialties include weight loss, weight management, muscle gain, strength and conditioning, core, pre and post natal and wedding preparation. Jason trains clients all over the Brooklyn and Manhattan area privately as well as in gyms.
Alex Valdivia
Alex ValdiviaPersonal Trainer
Personal training is Alex’s passion.

Trainer at the Brooklyn location.

Sigal Rosenzweig
Sigal RosenzweigPersonal Trainer
Sigal believes that fitness shouldn’t be taken for granted and she shares her vast knowledge with amazing clients that love her and her routines. She’ll pull you out of your rut and get your heart pumping so you can see the transformations for which you’ve been waiting.

Trainer at the Borough Park, Flatbush and Williamsburg locations.

Anna Zubarova
Anna ZubarovaPersonal Trainer
The lovely Anna is an exceptional personal trainer that gets you pumped to work out. She will get you to sweat so when you’re done, you feel as accomplished as ever. Be prepared to tone up, slim down and feel amazing! Anna caters to your fitness needs and healthy goals and provides you with the ultimate workout experience.

Trainer at the Borough Park location.

Sara London
Sara LondonPersonal Trainer
Training is at its finest with Sara. She combines her passion and love for both fitness and health and creates the ultimate training experience. Her clients achieve their goals and keep coming back for more because not only do you see results but you also have a blast doing it!

Trainer at the Borough Park and Flatbush locations.

Leiby Strauss
Leiby StraussPersonal Trainer
Coming from years of experience in fitness and training, Leiby will help whip you into shape in no time! Don’t focus on how hard you’re working, focus on the goals you’re achieving because anything earned is more valuable. Leiby will guide you to earning your fitness success and reaching your healthy goals.

Trainer at the Monsey location.