Rachel Esses
Rachel EssesNutrition Counselor and Location Manager
Rachel Esses is a Nutrition Counselor and manager of the Williamsburg location. Rachel combines her enthusiasm for healthy eating and helping others reach their goal weight and full potential. Rachel is down-to-earth, yet firm in her role of holding her clients accountable. She is confident in her expertise and is an extremely compassionate listener. Rachel takes her clients’ personal beliefs, preferences, goals and lifestyle combined with the latest nutrition research into account to create a way of eating that suits each individual.
Basya Kovacs
Basya KovacsNutrition Counselor and Location Manager
Basya is a natural “people-person” and takes a keen interest in understanding her clients’ individual needs and challenges by helping them plan ahead, and providing a high level of support. With her attentive encouragement and guidance, Basya’s clients successfully shed the extra pounds and keep the weight off long term. Her philosophy has always been that while any diet works in the short term, a lifestyle change is forever. With warmth, humor and nutritional expertise, Basya empowers her clients to make those permanent changes.

Location Manager and Counselor in Monsey, Monroe, Clifton, and Miami.

Alice Harrosh
Alice HarroshNutrition Counselor and Manager
Alice Harrosh is a Nutrition Counselor and manager of the Lakewood, Queens and Five Towns locations. Alice knows that making healthy decisions is not always easy. She understands that tempting foods can be hard to resist because she has been through the struggle herself. As an optimistic person, Alice’s favorite quote is: “It’s never too late to start eating better. If you have a bad morning, make it a better afternoon.”
Shevy (Leah) Klein
Shevy (Leah) KleinNutrition Counselor
Shevy graduated with an AS degree as a Registered Dietetic Technician from Central Arizona College where she completed her dietetic internship through CAC’s coordinated program. Shevy received her clinical nutrition experience in a long term care facility where she performed nutrition assessments and conducted medical nutrition therapy. With her varying degrees of competence in counseling and education, she primarily focuses on diabetes control, and weight management.

Counselor at the Lakewood location.

Miriam Rothstein
Miriam RothsteinNutrition Counselor
Miriam is a busy mother of three who is proud to be practicing what she preaches. Miriam works out almost every single day and is a gourmet cook with a specialty in cooking healthy nutritious meals. Miriam’s vivacious personality will make your weight loss experience anything but drab.

Counselor at the Borough Park and Williamsburg locations.

Faygie Skaist
Faygie SkaistNutrition Counselor
Faygie combines her passion for nutrition together with a keen ability to connect with people to help them lose weight. A special focus is put on getting to know the person, making her more of a friend than a nutrition counselor. She believes not only in losing weight, but in keeping it off and staying healthy after achieving the goal weight.

Counselor at the Monsey and Monroe locations.

Rachel Rosenberg
Rachel RosenbergNutrition Counselor and Life Coach
Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a specialization in exercise, science, and nutrition, Rachel leads with both passion and prestige. Serving as a certified life coach and nutrition counselor, she loves to practice what she preaches. Living by the motto “Lose weight, gain life”, she provides deep emotional and mental support for a variety of lifestyle journeys and challenges.

Counselor and Life Coach at the Borough Park location.

Keren Politzer
Keren PolitzerNutrition Counselor
Keren means “ray” in the Hebrew language as in “ray of light” and Keren is truly a ray of light in our Monsey and Monroe locations. Her ambitions to thrive in the field of health and wellness continue to grow and she proves herself incredibly talented and knowledgeable. She’s helped so many reach their goals and continues to help them keep it off. In her spare time, Keren loves coming up with cool new recipes.
Goldie Friedman
Goldie FriedmanNutrition Counselor and Zumba Instructor
Goldy has always had a passion for clean eating and a holistic lifestyle. She is enthusiastic about fitness goals and sincerely wants to motivate people to succeed. Her caring nature makes the process easy and enjoyable for people who crave health and well being in their lives. In her spare time, Goldie enjoys making custom cookies and cakes, while also being quite the make up artist.

Counselor at the Borough Park, Williamsburg, and Five Towns locations.