Thank you for your interest in Nutrition by Tanya!

We’re so happy you’ve decided to take your first step to a healthier lifestyle. We offer a 6 session program over the course of 8 weeks to start and it can be done in person or over the phone. Some of our counselors also offer Zoom, Whatsapp video or Facetime sessions.During the first session which is about 45 minutes, we learn about your nutritional history, what programs you’ve tried, your likes and dislikes and your goals. Based on this information we design a customized plan for you. We will talk about weekdays, Shabbos and even about what to do when you’re going out to eat. You can join the program regardless of health conditions, pregnancy, allergies, aversions to foods and busy schedules. We work with it all!

For the next 5 sessions, we meet for weigh-ins. During these sessions, we will review your log, answer any questions and adjust your meal plan as needed. You will also receive your counselor’s cell phone number so you may ask questions in between.

The cost of the program for the first package of 6 sessions is $395 with any counselor, and $495 with Tanya herself. We do not accept insurance.

If you choose to continue the program for an additional 6 sessions, the cost will be $295 (expires within 6 months from the first appointment of the package). For any additional 6 sessions thereafter, the cost will be $195 (expires within one year from the first appointment of the package).

Please check out our website for more information and some inspiring before and after photos! You can also click here to watch our promo video.

Call 844-Tanya Diet (826-9234) Ext. 801 and I’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

Looking forward to helping you reach your goals!