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Myth or Fact? Stress Will Cause Me To Gain Weight

This is a fact!

Of course it does depend on each individual person, but generally speaking, stress can in fact cause weight gain. 

* Stress may cause both a loss and increase in appetite. Loss in appetite causes deprivation mode which turns into overeating as compensation.

* When stressed for long periods of time, your body goes into “fight or flight” mode. Your body thinks it’s depleting your energy (calories), to fight the stress. This causes feelings of hunger because your body thinks it needs to replenish calories.

* Stress can affect your hormones causing metabolism, fat storage and insulin fluctuations. All of which affect weight.

* We crave unhealthy foods when stressed, as opposed to healthier foods which may actually aid in weight loss and stress management. 

* Indulging comfort foods are found to give a temporary relief to stress. Your mind and body want to chase that feeling, causing you to keep grabbing more junk to eat.