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Myth or Fact: It’s Easier To Lose 10 Pounds Than 40

The fact is that both scenarios are difficult and sometimes those 10 pounds are even harder!

*Someone with more weight to lose will inevitably lose at a quicker rate which helps to keep the momentum going. That same person may get discouraged at the last ten-pound mark too but for the first 30 pounds or so, they’re almost on a “honeymoon” with the weight loss program. 

*40 pounds extra is a lot more uncomfortable than 10. Dissatisfaction leads to action (usually) and someone who doesn’t fit into their clothing or whose doctor is insisting they lose weight, has more of an urgency than someone who wants to lose those last ten pounds for vanity or for the sake of being at a “perfect” weight.

No matter your goals or the amount you need to lose, make sure to do so in a healthy way, and don’t give up! While everyone has their own pace, the finish line is still rewarding!