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Myth or Fact? Eating too much Asparagus can cause health issues

Myth: Eating too much Asparagus can cause health issues.

Fact: Eating too much asparagus won’t cause any lifetime damage but here are some things you should know.

Asparagus is a healthy, low calorie vegetable that contains a collection of vitamins, can help fight or protect against certain health conditions, helps regulate blood sugar and is good for your skin among so many other benefits.

If eaten in large quantities however, there are side effects that can include:

*Foul smelling excrement (or in simpler terms, your bathroom results will be stinky)

*Gas and bloating


*Can affect pregnancy and breastfeeding


*You can even become allergic to it!

So like everything else, have it in moderation. Some may be able to eat more than others so if you eat an amount that causes you discomfort, be sure to eat less next time.