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Employee of the Month: Limor Harrosh

Name: Limor Harrosh

Position: Nutrition Counselor and behind-the-scenes superwoman

Location/s: Borough Park and Flatbush 

Responsibilities include: Nutrition counseling, newsletter campaigns, MindBody coordinator, personal training coordinator. 

Favorite thing about working here: I ABSOLUTELY love who I work with! It’s a fun, rewarding and awesome yet professional environment. I also LOVE working with my clients; Whether it’s their challenges, victories, needing support etc. It truly makes me happy knowing that I help people eat well, lose weight and feel good about themselves. 

In my spare time I: Read a book or take a walk 

I wish that: Food had no calories! Especially the delicious ones! 🙂 

Tanya says: Limor is an amazing, dedicated counselor who handles a LOT, all while staying calm and collected.