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Hello, and thank you for your interest in the Nutrition by Tanya Life Coaching services. Below is some information to help you understand more about what we offer:
Looking forward to helping you reach your goals!
everyday is a fresh start.
everyday is a fresh start.
everyday is a fresh start.
everyday is a fresh start.
everyday is a fresh start.

What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is someone who aims to help and empower others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. By using techniques based on core psychological principles and intuition, the life coach provides clients with the tools to confidently face difficult situations and push past emotional barriers. As a life coach, their skills are about knowing the right questions to ask and having the right tools and techniques to empower you to find those answers within yourself.

Your life coach helps answer the question: Why can’t I stick to the plan?

As your life coach, she will gently encourage you to explore the reason of your eating habits and how to make positive changes that will help you keep to your goals as well as keep the weight off for good. She will offer support and feedback to help you stay focused on your goals.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

What happens during a life coaching session?

Life coaching sessions will last 45 minutes. During the session, she will ask you a number of questions such as:

  • What do you aim to achieve?
  • What’s happening right now?
  • Where would you like to see yourself ending up?

*All sessions will be confidential allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings privately.

We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for you. For pricing call 844-Tanya Diet (826-9234) Ext.801