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I’m BORED! And cue binge eating in 3… 2… 1…

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Boredom is a dieter’s worst enemy! When you love to eat, eating becomes a first resort to counter boredom. It’s a dangerous cycle that can easily spiral you back into old habits.

You know how they say “old habits die hard”? Well they certainly do but we can tackle that challenge with some creative and fun solutions!

Personally, I need options that keep me from noshing meaning, I can’t read or watch a movie because it’s just too easy to sit there with nosh and indulge in mindless eating. Here are some tips I’ve come across that may help you if you’re a bored nosher like me!

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*A colleague of mine told me that she just breaks out her manicure kit any time she gets bored. It gives her the opportunity for a pampering, it’s a lengthy process from start to finish depending on how extensive you decide to manicure and you can totally incorporate your kids!

*Have you seen that animation of a dangling carrot in front of a bunny to get the bunny to keep moving forward? What kind of reward would YOU chase? Whether the reward is a REASONABLE treat or an item, use that to motivate you when you’re bored. Make sure you have none in the house so that in order for you to get it, you have to go out and get it… PREFERABLY within walking distance so you can avoid taking the car… don’t vroom vroom if you walk!

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*On that note, you can use a similar method with necessities      like milk and toilet paper. Now of course this is not meant to torture you or anyone around you. I’m not saying someone should end up in the restroom waiting for some TP while you mosey your way down to the supermarket. Be smart about it but give yourself something to push you.

*COOKING! Dare I say it!? Why I do! As long as it’s healthy cooking, you can still enjoy tasting to perfection! Take your time and make large batches to refrigerate and/or freeze so you’ll have enough for the whole week and/or family!

*Now I’m not one for baths but considering the benefits, I may have to use that as a method. I’m thinking bubbles, aroma diffuser or a scented candle, half a glass of wine… just to sip lazily and some music in which to drown…. FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING! Lol

All I know is, I’m not bringing any food in there with me so a bath would definitely be considered a ‘safe zone’ option.

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*Last but not least… Choose what I like to call, a ‘backburner project’. Has to be something hands on that when you start, you KNOW you’ll be motivated to finish. Whether it’s painting a room or a canvas, clearing out junk (which could also include donating clothing… organizing + a trip to the donation box = time well spent without noshing), taking the car for a check up, building a chuppah for a future wedding… whatever you choose 🙂

Let that be something you decide you will accomplish in place of mindless eating.

I hope these tips help some of you out there. The struggle is real but we’re in it together. Feel free to comment with your favorite tips and we’ll make a compilation!