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How to stay on track this season

Your food choices affect your health every day. It’s human nature to have times where we fall off track. Especially during a holiday like Pesach where there is twice as much food around. However, find out we should already be back on track. It is important to stay on track to help you reach your goal weight. Here are some reminders to make sure you are on track.
Drink Water
Are you drinking enough water?
We all know that drinking water is vital to a healthy lifestyle, it’s an important part of all body functions. Water is a weight-loss aid, the more you drink the easier it is to lose weight. Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanses your body of waste, and helps you eat less. If clean order doesn’t cut it, try drinking flavored water. There are many benefits of drinking water, so keep drinking.
Food Log
Are you keeping a food log?
Keeping a food log is more likely to help you be successful in reaching your goal weight. When keeping you for the dog it increases your awareness of what and how much you were eating. In addition, it can encourage you to eat fewer calories. This helps you and the counselor make changes that will ultimately benefit you.
Social Support
Do you have a partner?
Find a friend, a relative, a neighbor, or even a co-worker with whom you can plan to cook healthy meals, do activities, and even chat for support. Having the support of your healthy eating is important for long-term weight loss success. Also, don’t forget to celebrate achievements, this is a great source of encouragement.
Counselor Support
Do you have your counselors number?
A big component of the program is the support and accessibility to the nutrition counselor and to Tanya herself. Every client gets their counselor cell phone number and is welcome to ask questions, share victories and get support, anytime!