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Employee of the Month- Sary Isaacson

Name: Sary Isaacson

Position: Nutrition counselor

Location: Lakewood

Your responsibilities include: Getting to know each client and working with them to reach their goal.

Favorite thing about working with Nutrition by Tanya: Since I’ve also been to Tanya, and have been following the plan for years, I’m able to really relate to my clients, and understand the challenges of losing weight. Knowledge is power, and helping my clients have a better relationship with food and finally feel better about themselves while seeing the great results of their hard work, gives me amazing satisfaction! I know how much it changed my life, and it feels great to be able to give back! 

In my spare time: Go for a good run, or catch up with friends. 

I wish I could: Tell everyone how doable our plan is and what an impact it has on you when you start tackling your weight loss goals. It is literally life-changing!

Rachel Esses Says: Sary started as a client and now inspires others with her own success story. She is a hard-working nutrition counselor with a positive attitude and an inviting smile. She loves helping clients, brings a wonderful energy to the workplace, and is always ready to jump in whenever needed . We’re so happy to have her as part of our work family!