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Employee of the Month: Ruko Rosen

♦ Name: Aron Rosen, otherwise known as Ruko, or Tanya’s husband

♦ Position: The go-to handyman, problem solver, picker upper, logical think-it-through guy (as in no, you can’t open 5 more locations right now), financial man and more!

♦ Location/s: Everywhere that’s commutable 🙂

♦ Responsibilities include: Anything that needs my assistance! You ask, I solve! If you don’t ask, I’ll still help.

♦ Favorite thing about working here: The crew! There are so many ladies with so many different personalities! Never a dull moment! Plus, they all make Tanya happy which in turn makes me happy!

♦ In my spare time I: Spare time?! Well, I cook, clean, fix, do homework… so there really is no spare time! I used to be a physical therapist in my spare time but the boss needed me elsewhere.

♦ I wish I could….. Create more time in the day because that’s what we all need. 

♦ Tanya says: Ruko is literally mine (and everyone’s) life saver! He often foresees what we don’t and is the voice of reason and logic among so many, too hyper and too spontaneous crew.  He also makes it possible for me to work my insane hours since he’s around for the kids.