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Employee of the Month- Porat Tobaly

Name: Porat Tobaly

Position: Receptionist

Location: Lakewood

Responsibilities include: Welcoming people with a smile, checking them in and out of their appointments, ringing them up at the TAP register, and always being available to answer phone calls and text messages from our wonderful clients. 

My favorite thing about working with Nutrition by Tanya: Is when clients share their exciting news about seeing so much progress on their plan, with me! The glow they have when they mention that they lost a few pounds when they thought they were going to gain. Or even better, when they reach their goal weight! It’s so wonderful watching people achieve the goals that they worked so hard at accomplishing! 

In my spare time: I enjoy connecting with my family. Quality time with my wonderful husband and kids is what makes me who I am and keeps me positive and excited about life! I also love hopping on a video chat with all my siblings and parents. We all laugh and have such a good time on each call!

Jenny Says: Porat is outgoing and always greets everyone with a warm smile and a desire to help. She’s intuitive and resourceful and manages to keep that lovely smile on her face even when it gets a little hectic. She brings a positive and fun vibe to the office and is such a wonderful asset to our Lakewood location and the NBT family. Porat, keep up the amazing work you do, and never stop smiling!