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Employee of the Month: Maya Karasanti

Name: Maya Karasanti

Position: Manager

Location: Remote (Florida)

Favorite Hobby: Crafts

Your motivation: Smiles! They’re contagious, uplifting and motivating! I try my best to infect as many people as I can with huge smiles.

Favorite thing about working with Nutrition by Tanya: The team! When you work with people for so many hours a day, they become like family. You love, joke, argue, work together, help one another and pick one another up like family.

Pet peeve: Miscommunication… maybe that’s why everyone keeps telling me to shorten my messages because I tend to be… very detailed. 

Tanya says: Maya is the “organizer/think about it all in advance” one among us.  She’s also known for her huge hugs that we look forward to whenever she’s visiting from Florida.