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Employee of the Month- Erika Mendez

Name: Erika Mendez

Position: Online sales representative and receptionist

Location: Boro Park and Williamsburg 

Your responsibilities include: 

•packing and shipping online orders

•reaching out to new and past customers

•interacting with clients in Williamsburg by checking them in/out and making sure they are happy with our services 

Favorite thing about working with Nutrition by Tanya: Getting to know the clients little by little. Another favorite thing about working here is that all my coworkers are super helpful and amazingly friendly! I really enjoy working with them. 

In my spare time: I like to bake and watch funny movies with my family. Sometimes even trying out new recipes.

I wish I could: Travel to Italy or Japan with my family (and collect more magnets for my fridge lol)

Alice Hen Says: Erika is awesome! She’s responsible, professional, efficient, and a team player! She even deals with 12 hour days like a champ! We’re so happy she’s part of our NBT  team!