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Employee of the Month- Batya Katz

Name: Batya Katz

Position: Receptionist

Location/s: Lakewood

Responsibilities include: The front desk at the Lakewood office for customer service and of course, making sure the office is fully stocked with your favorite TAP products!

Favorite thing about working here: The staff! I love the people I work with- We call it ‘The Familia!’

In my spare time: I like to cook and exercise. It’s sort of ‘me’ time 🙂

I wish I could: Travel the world and live in Israel! Plus we have a location there so I wouldn’t be leaving Nutrition by Tanya!

Tanya says: Batya is an amazing, positive, multi-tasker who does an incredible job handling the busy Lakewood office.  Even after having a baby, she’s just as dedicated as ever!