Name: Alexa Freeman

Position: Nutrition Counselor & Brand Ambassador 

Location:  Monsey and anywhere we sell TAP


Your responsibilities include: visiting supermarkets and promoting our TAP products at stores by doing demos! Also, encouraging people to eat and feel their absolute best through nutrition counseling.

Favorite thing about working with Nutrition by Tanya is: connecting with clients and showing clients that they can still lose weight and have a TAP cookie  (or muffin or pizza…).

In my spare time: like to hang with friends, cook, and exercise! 

I wish I could: do a triathlon!

Basya Says: Alexa’s clients love her, and so do her coworkers. Alexa is not only a successful nutrition counselor but she is an amazing brand representative making sure all the supermarkets are fully stocked with TAP products. Alexa, you are always ready to go the extra mile with a smile! Congrats on this well-deserved honor!