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Emotional Eating Coaching With Tanya: The Yom-Tov Host

Situation: Elana is hosting the yom-tov dinners at her house. 🥂🍽️🎊

Problem: Elana prepares weeks in advance, making sure everything is perfect… without having eaten well, if at all. 🧹🏡🥗

Scenario: Elana refuses to accept help and convinces herself she can run on empty and figure it out after yom-tov.✈️🎫⛽🫨

Solution: Emotional Eating Coaching will help Elana understand why she’s able to juggle everything but her well-being and fix the issue. This will allow Elana to stick to her healthy lifestyle and be more efficient for yom-tov, her family, and most importantly, herself 🤹‍♀️💯