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Did You Know?! The Importance Of Cleaning Your Fridge

Did you know that cleaning out your refrigerator and keeping it organized may help you maintain a healthier lifestyle? 

  • Start with the obvious by tossing out expired items and donating non-expired items you and your family simply don’t eat.
  • Create sections in the fridge for your pre-portioned and usual foods, preferably at eye level.
  • Use clear trays and containers to organize fruits, vegetables, condiments, dressings, cheeses, cold cuts, etc. 
  • A great way to keep track of what’s in the fridge is to write your usual foods on post-its or create magnets. If the post-it or magnet is ON the fridge, that food is IN the fridge; and whatever isn’t on the fridge is actually your shopping list for fresh and frozen foods.

It’s tedious to keep your refrigerator tidy, but less clutter and more organization will help you make better choices each time you open that refrigerator door.