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Did you know?! Purim Means Lots

But that doesn’t mean have lots of candy, snacks and junk food! The word ‘lots’ refers to lottery. The lottery which determined the day that Haman would rid the world of the Jews. Let’s remember that when receiving our mishloach manot. 

You’re most likely going to get some beautiful mishloach manot this year and they will most likely include all sorts of junky foods that you can easily avoid. Remember that these snacks are available all year round. 

Here are some things you can do with the foods you want to avoid:

Break open the mishloach manot and create new ones to give out. 

Donate the food to your local shelter or synagogue.

Take them to the next party you attend.

Send them with your kids to school to give out in class- this way they all enjoy a little something and it’s distributed, so it’s not all being eaten by a select few people.

Happy Purim!