JII Pizza

1700 Madison Ave. Shoprite Plaza Lakewood, NJ 08701

Ottimo Cafe

6794 US Hwy 9 South Howell, New Jersey 07731

Muffin Tops

120 calories, Low Fat, Sweetened with Apple Juice, 2 Different Flavors


100 Recipes, quick prep, main dishes, side dishes and desserts, all on the plan


If you want to achieve your goals fast, there’s nothing like working one-on-one with a personal trainer. Whether you’re a beginner looking for extra help…


Dieting is hard, and sometimes boring, so Tanya needed to make it more fun. This is how the catchy brand, TAP (Tanya approved product) came about…

Nutritional Counseling

No fancy prep, no hunger, and lots of support and accessibility to all of us. We believe that ALL foods can be eaten in moderation. We think of this plan as a way of life…

Shaindy Dahan

Nutrition Counselor and Crown Heights Office Manager