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💑Old married couples and successful dieters- What do the two have in common?🤷‍♀️

A client in my office commented that when she looks at all the before and after photos hanging in the hallway, she feels she can never be one of them. She feels intimidated, overwhelmed, and like a failure.

I tried to see it from her perspective, and it hit me!

She’s looking at a very overweight person on the left, and then BOOM, that same person is down to their goal weight on the right, seemingly “just like that.”

 While inspirational for some, I can see how this was daunting to her.  

Here is what she was NOT seeing:

– How long it took

– The sacrifices the dieter made

– The times they actually GAINED weight even after a great week

– The time they took a 1-year break to try on their own or just because they were sick of dieting 

In other words, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t tell you the WHOLE big story!

So, as I usually do, I came up with an analogy.

Look at pictures of old married couples. 20, 30, 40 years into their marriage and they’re smiling, holding hands, maybe they’re surrounded by many children and grandchildren.

If you’re a newlywed or having marriage issues, you may think you’ll never be like them, but what you’re NOT seeing is all the fights they had, the time they almost got divorced, the hardships they went through, the ups and the downs… 

Oh, and by the way, even the “success story” dieters that look great now or the old happy couples still need to work on staying that way. Getting there is great, and staying there ALSO requires effort! 

In other words, when you see or meet a “success story,” realize how much went into (and continues going into) those results!